Make an Epic Change for your Mom this Mother’s Day

May 4th, 2008 by Gia Lyons Leave a reply »

Hoo boy. Twitterland is rockin’ with Stacey Monk’s (@StaceyMonk) guest post on Sam Lawrence’s (@SamLawrence) blog, Go Big Always. Dennis Howlett (@dahowlett) and I don’t know how many others blogged to get the word out as well.

Dennis tweeted me, asking what IBM could do. I’ve been on holiday in New York City these last four days (Mom, I couldn’t find your records on Ellis Island, bummer), but now I’m home, and wondering how on earth to move the dancing elephant to assist Stacy’s Epic Change organization. I know there’s a process somewhere, but I will have to blog internally for help to learn which levers to pull and which buttons to push to get the elephant to dance Stacey’s way.


Stacey is looking for:

Here’s what I’m going to do personally: give donations in my mother’s and mother-in-law’s names for Mother’s Day. They love this kind of stuff, especially since education was practically a religion in their houses. Don’t have a mom? Donate in honor of your favorite teacher of yore on America’s National Teacher Day, Tuesday, May 6.

It would be great if you could participate, even if you just blog and twitter about this worthy cause. Please pass the word, Web 2.0 style.



  1. Stacey Monk says:

    First off, I love any post that begins with the phrase “Hoo boy.” (Especially, of course, when it’s a post about Epic Change!)

    I SO love the thought of elephants dancing my way, and more importantly in the direction of Tanzania (they BELONG there!). Thanks SO MUCH for the great Mother’s Day & Teacher Day ideas, thanks for your donations, and thanks for blogging about us.

    I am truly *amazed* at the power the social web has for good.

  2. David Daly says:

    Gia, make sure to take advantage of the IBM matching grant program. Make that elephant dance a little bit.

  3. Gia Lyons says:

    Stacey, it’s energizing to do something that can make such a concrete difference!

    David, yep, I’m doing that, plus checking out IBM’s other grant programs: