More Clearspace 2.5 goodness – sharing files

August 20th, 2008 by Gia Lyons Leave a reply »

So, I completely forgot to link to Sam’s most excellent post about our announcement yesterday. Check it out when you get a chance!

Some of our customers have started a FAQ about how to use Clearspace 2.5, designed to assist newcomers with all their “how do I?” questions. And boyoboy, I can’t count how many of our prospective and existing customers want super-short videos. They want to use them not only for on-demand education, but also to advertise their Clearspace deployment internally.

One topic that came up was, “How do I share files in Clearspace?”

By the way, I’m going to start blogging about the stuff my cross-functional research team has learned from prospective customers lately re: how they sell social software internally. We’ve definitely noticed a pattern.



  1. Dan McCall says:

    I’m surprised you chose to highlight this feature. In our rollout we are actively discouraging people from sharing files because “Clearspace is not a document repository”. Our thinking is that if people start sharing files through Clearspace they might abandon the normal file sharing mechanisms and then Clearspace would fill up with files instead of interactive content

  2. Gia Lyons says:

    My customers are, conversely, trying to abandon the “normal file sharing mechanisms” because they want to be able to rate and comment on files. These are customers who are really file-centric right now, and they view this as a small bridge between “old way” and “new way” of collaborating.

    I will be doing many many more videos, none of them are highlighting Clearspace in particular, but mostly they’re a way to show customers how to use Clearspace to do what they’re doing elsewhere today.

    Again, the context is to make a bridge from old to new for newcomers.