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Jive beats Telligent in the T-shirt Magic Quadrant

February 28th, 2009

My buddy Ken over at the Swoosh factory apparently received a Jive T-shirt that doesn’t quite fit him. As a result, he’s taken it upon himself to analyze T-shirts from various vendors, which he presents in his Magic Quadrant:

T-Shirt Magic Quadrant

Ken says:

Half-shirts are making its way back into the main stream. Last week an independent poll showed that Build-A-Bear had the tightest and shortest half shirts available on the market. Unfortunately, they are made for Teddy Bears.

Jive has created a niche with its tight half-shirts. “Developers and integrators are seeing half shirts as a way to express themselves” said an anonymous QA Engineer who tends to overheat during testing cycles.

We need a reform of the t-shirt market and Jive has done it with the introduction of half-shirts.

We at Jive Software are leading the market in half-shirt innovation. And we are proud of it. Thanks, Ken!

If you’re interested in how Ken’s company uses Jive software externally, check it out.

Random Facebook discussions that make me laugh

February 17th, 2009

I get tickled at my friends many times. So, in honor of how much they make me laugh, I’ve posted some of my recent Facebook discussions here.

Car Pants

Time Continuum

Cat Typing

The Centerprise

February 4th, 2009

  1. If you want to sell something online, what site do you go to?
  2. If you want to connect to long-lost friends online, where do you look first?
  3. If you want to micro-blog with potentially the world, where do you go?
  4. How many phone systems do you use at work?
  5. How many email applications do you use within your company?
  6. How many instant messaging apps are used where you work?
  7. If you want to ask a question of everyone in your company or geography or division, where do you go?
  8. If you need to warn your colleagues and their colleagues about a lesson learned, where do you post it?
  9. If you have a superiffic presentation and you want to share it with anyone who might need it, where do you upload it?


  1. eBay
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. One
  5. One. Unless you’ve recently merged with a company that uses the other one.
  6. One. Unless you’re company doesn’t believe in IM, and you’re all using AIM and MSN Messenger behind their backs.
  7. Either that wiki site, or maybe it’s the blog thingy. Oh wait, put it in that one forum. No, the other one.
  8. That one private teamsite. Wait. No, uh, the blog thing again. Nope, hold on. Which colleagues are you talking about again?
  9. Easy. The SharePoint site. But, the one that IT has given everyone access to. What the deuce? Only my division has access? Crap.


I have more questions.

  1. Where do you go to look up someone’s current and past work so that you can figure out if they’re smart or a doofus? Their profile is probably sadly out of date, so I’m guessing you have to flush out their competency from who knows how many repositories. It’s like hunting pheasant. Or snipe.
  2. Where do you go to find best practices and lessons learned from your as-yet unknown colleagues from across the pond? Oh, you have to know them first, probably.
  3. Where do you go to accidentally discover that superiffic presentation just in time for your big client meeting? Not gonna happen.


There’s a reason a single site for this kind of stuff works.