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Use cases for social business software

April 9th, 2009

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So, we have social media software and that makes us cool and progressive :-) But what are we actually using it for?

That’s a big question that I am trying to answer, myself. You see, when you have more than 4500 people using a system, it’s hard to know what they all are doing. So, I’m trying to get them to tell me (see my post on Wiki Win of the Week) — and most important, tell each other.

Here’s a brief, somewhat random list of some of the ways we’re using our social business software:

  • Replacing endless email threads with discussions online that are available to all, not just those on the “cc” list. No need to file an entire long email thread and hope you can find it later, since it’s online. Nice that the discussion flows down, too, instead of forcing you to scroll up and down as an email thread does, to catch up or review it.
  • Thought-provoking discussions started in one division that spread to include input and ideas — and more questions — from people in other divisions, areas, functions and countries.
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