Treat employees like… consumers?

December 13th, 2010 by Gia Lyons Leave a reply »

Lessons from the social media consumer experience, applied within an enterprise social software environment

Customer Employee Support

When an employee emotionally micro blogs internally about her crappy VPN performance, something she’s put up with for over a year because she didn’t take the time to properly troubleshoot it with her IT helpdesk, don’t tell her to “submit a support ticket” – do it for her, and continue to interact with her via the micro stream. You’ll be surprised how many others benefit.

Brand Employee Loyalty

When you want employees to buy into and talk about your company’s mission, latest corporate initiatives or organizational beliefs – especially important if you’ve grown significantly through mergers and acquisitions – then hang out where they are online, and develop trusted relationships with employees by reading and commenting on their content, asking them their opinions on what you’re “selling,” and then incorporate their feedback into your overall “product.” Oh, and act on any issues you uncover.

Social Marketing Corporate Communications

When you want to target your corporate messages to be as sticky as possible, listen to the employee social intranet with your monitoring tools to figure out what current company sentiments are and what topics are trending, and then craft your message to capitalize on them. Then publish your message as a video, a blog, a micro blog, and email a link to influencers – i.e., well-connected employees – asking them to blog or micro blog about it.


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