Gia LyonsGia Lyons has been developing, providing consulting services for, or selling socio-collaborative solutions since 1996. She spent four years as a collaborative application instructor and developer, another eight years as a socio-collaborative technical specialist and evangelist, serving large organizations in the Americas for IBM.

Gia joined Jive Software in June 2008 as a strategic consultant. She crafts custom-fit Jive Social Business Software adoption implementation strategies for her clients’ employees, partners, and customers. Lately, she’s worked with clients in the health care, life sciences, high tech, and telecomm industries to design and implement employee, channel, brand, support, and partner communities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Tulsa.

Gia’s specialties include mad presentation and persuasion skills; the art of teaching others how to adopt business networking and collaborative behaviors; and the ability to craft delightful solutions that solve real business problems.

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  1. Hi Gia – I was simultaneously reading about you in Trust Agents and trying to find a contact for Jive Software; funny that the two are connected :) Would like to talk to you about a possible Jive sponsorship of TWTRCON DC 09. Would you be open to that? Thanks! Anne

  2. Gia Lyons says:

    Hello Anne!

    I didn’t know I was in Chris Brogan’s book! Cool. I’ve sent your question to my Marketing peeps, and I’ll let you know what happens.

    Thanks so much for reaching out!

  3. Amy Wood says:

    Gia, we met briefly at social fresh in Charlotte. Need to talk to you. Have a corporate call to talk internal soc media Monday sprung on me today. Need to get some info. email me and see if we can talk Mon AM

  4. Oleg says:

    On behalf of the People&Communications company I ask you to consider the possibility of your personal involvement as a speaker in ENTERPRISE 2.0 CONFERENCE RUSSIA’11 which will be held on February 9th, 2012 in Moscow.
    The Performance themes (you can choose one):

    Development trends of Enterprise 2.0 on the West and prospects in Russia.
    • Do you need to alter you company into Enterprise 2.0 even partly? What goals it enables to solve?
    • How use new communication methods to improve your business in the context of existing corporate culture?
    • Leading by example : How enlist top and middle management sympathies
    • How integrate Enterprise 2.0 instruments for solving business goals? Best practice.
    • Why your corporate social network aren’t popular? Common mistakes during implementation.
    • How make your network “alive”? Involving leaders of groups and users
    • How reach a compromise between между confidential aspects of business and new technology of communication and information exchange?
    • How get rid of «social spam»?
    • Overview the most processable platforms for needs of Enterprise 2.0.

    You also can propose your theme, which will be relevant to the conference.
    The organizer of the ENTERPRISE 2.0 CONFERENCE RUSSIA’11 guarantees compensation for travel and accommodation expenses and as will provide to you warm welcome at the event!
    I would be grateful for your prompt reply!
    Sincerely yours,
    Fedoseev Oleg,
    International coordinator

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    Would you be interested in writing about us?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards.
    Nataly Simacheva

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